Log for June 22, 2015 by Jordan

We began the day by responding to a prompt given to us by Jade: “Ouch. That hurt.” Heather shared some frustration she’s had lately, Sam took the literal route and told us about an injury he sustained when he was young, and April wrote a fairy tale! Jordan complained as usual about pregnancy and childbirth and Laura talked about reading as a child. We then listened to Heather rant about squirrel soap and the psychic before Briget shared. We then spent about an hour working on the e-anthology, submitting works of our own and reading and responding to others’. We took care of some housekeeping and outlined our responsibilities for the last few days. Everything is now listed on the doc sent out by Laura last week. We then discussed Bird by Bird, with prompting questions from Laura such as “What does bird by bird mean?” “How does being a parent affect her writing?” We all agreed we need to take writing a little bit at a time and focus on getting started and keeping our focus narrow. Discipline seems to be at the heart of writing. We discussed the importance of plot and character and how we can let go and let the characters take the reins. We were given a website to explore for Tuesday and coordinated with our inquiry group partners before being dismissed for the day.