Log for June 18

The warm-up given to us by Laura was, um, it’s a process. I start my daily process with a muscle relaxer because my back is in spasm. Yes, this is a great idea.

Housekeeping (that reminds me, I need to clean my something ): I volunteer to keep the log for today, because that sounds like a great idea. I’m also going to do the warm-up tomorrow.

I SHALL VOLUNTEER FOR EVERYTHING! Except Sam is doing tomorrow’s log, and Jade is doing the warm-up for Monday, and Jordan is doing the log for Monday . . . slow down, folks.

I’m losing track

We’re bringing pics of young us tomorrow. We’re doing teaching demonstrations next week.

And we’re doing the writing marathon in Little Rock on Saturday. WE ARE?!? Must write that down

In author’s chair Janie shared about the writing process I shared about doubts about being a writer Laura negotiated relationships with adult children April met some new people Jade grew up Jordan shucked corn the unicorn jumped the rainbow was that real?

Janie then taught us about mystery writing. Mystery mystery does that word sound funny to anyone else? The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. BURDICK? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Anyway April and I chose the 7 chairs, Jade looked under the rug, Olivia chose Captain Troy

Why is my mouth so dry?

We read and discussed the New Orleans Writing Marathon and went on a trip. Wait—we didn’t go on a trip there? But I think it’s a great idea! MARGARITAS FOR EVERYONE!!

Monday we’re going to discuss Bird by Bird by Bird and mess around on the eAnthology . . . me Anthology . . . WHEEANTHOLOGY!!! And don’t forget to sign up for teaching demonstrations next week via Google docs.

I think writing group is today. Or inquiry group. Or muscle relaxer dependent support group . . .