Summer Professional Development for 2017. We are pleased to offer TWO professional development opportunities.

College Ready Writers Program Advanced Institute

(Full) July 5-7 (Plus follow-up dates throughout the 2017-18 school year, tbd).

College Ready Writers Program (CRWP) is an Advanced Institute (AI) for teachers of grades 5-12 This summer professional development program supports bringing routine argument writing into the classroom. Participating teachers will commit to a 3 day summer workshop and follow-up dates during the school year. To support the site’s inquiry into the CRWP, participating teacher-leaders agree to teach four CRWP cycles of writing, having their students revise at least two of the pieces.

Teacher-leaders agree to use the Using Sources Tool to look at student work during the 2017-2018 academic year, sharing insights with colleagues in the AI into what students are learning and planning next steps in instruction. This AI provides a total of 30 hours of Professional Development.

Invitational Summer Institute

NOTE DATE CHANGE! July 12-14 plus September 23, November 11, January 20, 2018  March 3,  and June 2, 2018

Each summer, as funding is available, Great Bear Writing Project hosts a summer institute in the teaching of writing. Every teacher is a writing teacher these days, and most teachers have not been trained explicitly in the teaching of writing. (I wasn’t, and I was trained in a regular certification program as an English Language Arts Teacher!) The Great Bear Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute offers teachers the opportunity to become better writers through practice and the opportunity learn to better teach writing.  The program features writing workshops offered by current K-16 teachers. Classroom teachers who have completed the Invitational Summer Institute will demonstrate how they give writing instruction in their own classrooms.  This year, we will be exploring digital storytelling using resources available from Arkansas Ideas!

The Great Bear Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute is open to teachers who teach from K-16 in any subject area.

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